Jacqueline Vander left Indiana for beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida, leaving behind fatal memories and praying for a new world to await her every dream.

To meet the famous NASCAR racer, Damian Dexter, was one of those dreams, but the reality would bring on an all too brutal awakening.

Jacqueline is unknowingly caught up in renown, NASCAR racer Damian Dexter's scheme to implicate her in the murder of his brother.

Desperate to disprove her guilt, Roger, Jacqueline's pseudo father ever since the brutal death of her real parents, is certain her unlawful connection was unknown to Jacqueline, as orchestrated by the misdeeds of Terry Parker, Jacqueline's spotty boyfriend of days gone by.

Racing Winds
ISBN #1-58851-257-6
When the three men converge on Daytona, purporting preparation for the upcoming 500, Jacqueline unknowingly steps into the trap.

Damian, realizing too late the lethal ruse Parker had masterminded, risks everything to rescue her.

But Terry had fled, a battered Jacqueline his captive. His life for hers, Damian gives all, determined to cap Parker's nefarious run once and for all, freeing from his evil clutches the woman whose fiery essence had filled the void previously so deep within him.
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