In 1692, 15 women were brutally murdered in Salem, Massachusetts, accused of witchcraft. 

Only one of them was truly the agent of hell she was purported to be.  Yet, in this day and age, her powerful progeny lives on…in the lives of twins—Kiva and Christi—one evil, one good. 

However, the descendant of the Salem executioner, George Corwin, lives on as well, destined to confront the last two witches yet again, to unwittingly serve as the pawn of one, hungry for the blood of the other.

All in one day Christi discovers that her birth mother is alive, she has a twin sister, witnesses the death of her mother, and is thrown out of the house by her foster parents. Moving from the Boston area to Boulder, Colorado, Christi discovers a whole new life for herself, a life filled with music, and a discovery of unique gifts and talents she possesses.

What she doesn't know is that her twin sister Kiva, a powerful witch, yearns for the power of her ancestor, the infamous Rachel Coburn, who died in Salem, Massachusetts by the hand of the executioner George Corwin. Yet Kiva's powers can only be made complete by the death of her twin sister Christi.

"This book is definitely not for the squeamish or faint of heart. Face the fury of pure evil…if you dare".

Faceless Fury
IBN #1-59507-081-8

In Boulder lives bank president Damon Chesterly, the ancestor of George Corwin. He has no idea why he mysteriously feels the need to kill in the most diabolical ways. But the obedient servant of Kiva's powers he is, focused on one mission: to kill Christi.

Christi is befriended by Detective Dick Richards, a affable veteran of the Denver police department who works tirelessly to help Christi unravel the mysterious events that begin to entangle her, and the brutal string of deaths that draw closer and closer to her. Horror at its finest.

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