Born and raised on Long Island, NY, George William Frawley graduated from Florida’s Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, with a degree in aeronautical engineering. After college he lived in the Seattle area for 9 years, and now resides with his wife, Caprissa, and their sweet border collie, Maggie, in Colorado.

Even as a kid, George’s secret dream was to become a published fiction writer, a dream his wife supported. As a traveling engineer, he wrote in the wee hours of the morning, in hotel rooms, bus terminals and while commuting on airplanes, busses and shuttles, often times only sleeping four or five hours before leaving for work and commuting three hours to and from Denver each day.

Eventually, he left his career as an engineer and pursued selling his many writings. George tenaciously pursued his dream, pitching his books to anyone willing to listen.

Having written a dozen manuscripts—and having circled the globe several times, crossing the country dozens—he incorporates the many places, lives and experiences he has encountered throughout his travels, enriching his work with a breath of realism, fictional tension, and page-turning excitement

Faceless Fury was inspired in the years his wife, Caprissa, was forced (due to her job and schooling) to live 80 miles away, in Denver, and they were only to meet on weekends at Boulder’s quaint pedestrian mall on Pearl Street. There, studying the errant, sometimes uncanny street performers, the book’s enchanted mistress, Christy, came alive until her fictional essence became his impassioned reality.

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